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New Code!

I got a call today from a BSD maintainer asking if ndialog was being actively maintained and if it was a suitable drop-in for the original dialog program. I told him it was being maintained (just very slowly) and that I made it to replace dialog when I could no longer wedge the changes I wanted into the code.

And then I took a look at it and watched it blow up all over the place because I’d started to wedge amalloc into it last summer and never completed it, so it was sort of a dog’s breakfast of partial amalloc and partial real malloc, with the expected explosions when the system free() was fed something allocated with amalloc() or arealloc(). So that couldn’t stand; I spent a couple of hours on it today pushing it up into the modern world (and discovering a few holes in my autoconfigure scripts) and dropped a small patch release (1.0.3) when I’d gotten it to the point where it wouldn’t ALWAYS horribly leak memory.

It’s gone past that point now, but 1.0.3 should at least run the test programs I provide. MacOS mouse support is borked somehow, though – the ESC]M mouse sequence comes back just fine, but ncurses doesn’t intercept it at all? I’d say that you should try it out, because the published interface is still stable (since 1996!) but who uses curses these days except for embedded systems and installers?

Oh, and I made it all 3-clause BSD license instead of the mix of 3 & 4-clause it used to be, so that’s worth something from a software purity point of view?