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Mechanical bits

The unhappy hub, #3

A junker (the driveshell split along the seam) White Ti freehub that I’ve pulled apart so I can get a good look at the insides so I can figure out how best to repair it (the expensive way to repair it would be to buy another junker and swap parts around to make one functional and one completely junked hub which I could then figure out to repair; a even more expensive up front but cheaper in the long run way to repair it would be to buy a lathe and machine a new driveshell, then cut the driver out of this one and move it over; a cheaper way to repair would be to figure out how to weld aluminum with firegas, then do just that and hope I could machine the exterior of the shell so it would fit a cassette.) Precision machinery is awfully pretty, and these old machined bicycle parts do not waste any time on cosmetics, so there’s nothing getting in the way of admiring the functional parts.