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New Code!

Discount has been coaxed up to version 2.2.2 with a small handful of bugfixes making it possible to build/install inside directories with spaces in their name, another small handful of bugfixes that correct a long-standing table-of-contents feature which unartfully collapsed headers with out-of-label-namespace characters on top of each other, and a bugfix that corrected the teeny detail of mkd_line() returning a pointer into the middle of an malloc() block when discount was configured --with-amalloc (which meant that attempting to free that pointer would either do nothing (==memory leak) or dump core (not a memory leak, but somewhat less than useful if you actually wanted to use the code.))

In any case, it should not make any difference to discount’s ability (or lack thereof) to convert your machine into a heap of smoking rubble, so try it out and see how large the blast radius can be!