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keeping warm

Mavis sits by the fire
(Pentax *istDS, SMC 50mm @ f/ 1.2)

Mavis sits by the fire


Mavis is a sensible cat.

Hope you can sit by the fire, too! Or at least stay in.

(Here in the wilds of Canada, we’re getting about an inch of rain overnight. Probably won’t do anything actually interesting, but certainly no snow on the ground afterwards, seeing as there was hardly any before…)

Graydon Wed Jan 11 18:12:12 2017

Well, not so much by the fire but (at least after shovelling the sidewalk) staying inside. Portland has pretty much ground to a halt because of this – the whole state is now in a state of emergency because the snow clobbered everyone – and probably won’t be digging itself out until the weather warms up and it starts to rain again (sunday.)

It’s somewhat disconcerting to have enough snow that I can’t ride a bicycle in unploughed areas, though.

David Parsons Wed Jan 11 21:54:29 2017