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Flash-frozen chicken? Not exactly…

Rando cargo

The New Seasons rotisserie chicken is cheaper than buying it raw and preparing it (mainly because they use tiny chicken carcasses for the rotisserie, but the ones in the butcher’s cabinet are ~4 pounds. If there were a lot of people in our house, this would be significant, but with only three meat-eaters a rotisserie chicken lasts for a couple of meals + being rendered into broth, and then some of it ends up being tossed or fed to the cats because nobody is willing to eat it) so when Russell said he wanted chicken for dinner tonight I went down to the Big Big Store to pick one up. My historical reenactment porteur-rando bag isn’t officially insulated, but two layers of fabric + the coroplast stiffeners create enough insulation so I can ride the 1.2 miles back in -1C headwinds and arrive home with the thing still hot.

The vegan chocolike sauce isn’t for the chicken; if we were planning chicken mole we’d use cooking chocolate instead of this stuff (which I dump on my non-dairy frozen dessert that fills the ice cream gap in my lifestyle.)