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Better than tape (I guess)

I guess it's time to get a new pair of glasses?

The left temple hinge thingie on my glasses snapped off today when I was poking at the glasses trying to center them (my family brought a cold back from Mississippi, which I promptly caught, so everything including the little muscles that do eye positioning hurt – my right eye is not completely happy with the focus that that lens gives, so it’s been feeling like something is tugging it inwards pretty much constantly for the past two days) so I had to fire up the soldering iron and solder it back into place. I’m not sure just wha sort of alloy was used for these glasses frames, but it was difficult to clean to the point where I could wet the surfaces properly when tinning them, and it ended up taking about 4 passes before I got a proper bond between the broken bits.

hopefully this repair will last for a couple of days (I’m working on a set of lowrider racks now, and I’ve got a deposit for another rack coming in) so I can go out and buy a new pair of glasses with that money (I’d love to get some sort of sunglasses so when I’m on the return leg of an e/w (or the outbound leg of a w/e) 200k I won’t have to squint for 4 hours, but bifocal sunglasses cost real money so that will probably not be happening unless I buy a pair of regular glasses and dip them in sharpie ink.) If not, well, I’ll just set up a jig and silver-braze the thing together. (This is also filed under “oh, I wish I had a nice CNC mill!”)


There are frames with rare-earth magnets so you can clip sunglasses to the them. It’s got constraints – it helps if the glasses are sized so they don’t regularly hit your face – but it works pretty well. And last I saw, it doesn’t much affect the price of frames anymore.

Graydon Wed Aug 24 02:16:42 2016