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A narcissistic test ride

Temporary wheels

I had to swap the wheels on the kit bike (and while I was doing that I adjusted the derailers & brakes to fit, then installed an allergy-attack – 11-28 – cassette and added a link to the chain so I could actually shift into the 28t cog while in the big ring), so when that was all done I took it out for a ride down to Oregon City. And I needed to stop at the Oregon City railroad station and take a picture.

It turns out that with wider rims the rear pockets on my practice bag foul the travel agent on the front brake. So I had to move most of the packets of energy goo that I’d stuffed that pocket full over over to the NDS side of the bike. There are still a few on that side (it’s easier for me to dig them out with my right hand when I’m on the move, oddly enough) but now the bag is empty enough so the DS cantilever can rotate away from the rim.

And the 21t cog on the Sunrace cassette I’d cut down to an 8of9 had a couple of bent teeth, so whenever I was on the 18t cog the chain would go *ting* every time that cog rotated. So I took apart the Shimano 8of9 cassette that was on the CR18 wheelset and swapped the 21t cogs (after first milling off the indexing pegs on the spacers that were going to sandwich this mismatched cog because of course Sunrace & Shimano put them in slightly different locations. Ah well, it’s not as if I was cutting down an integrated spider or something.)