This Space for Rent

Seems legit

Hello friend !!!!
I want to make friends with a guy like you !!! If you certainly will not mind.
I really wish that there was a friendship or a serious relationship between us.
Since I’m alone, but I really want to I already had a boyfriend like you !!!
Since when you have the other half to become easier to live.
And I would very much like to have you there with each other mutual sympathy.
And I very much hope for understanding. Now a little about yourself.
My name is Eva I am 30 years old.
I have blue eyes, blond hair. My height 175 cm My weight 65 kg. My parameters.
Chest 87 centimeter waist 59 centimeters and 90 centimeters thigh.
I do not smoke or drink alcohol and take drugs. Go in for sports go to aerobics, dance.
Just really like gymnastics. Here is a little short, I described you.
I hope that very soon I will see your letter.
Because if you’re lonely that you and I should build a serious relationship.
I think that maybe it’s fate? We must all try in this life !!!! I’ll say good bye !!!
Your future girlfriend Eva.

“Eva” (most likely Richard, from Stavropol, who’s pulling in some pin money by running a small botfarm), who is really interested in a relationship with a guy like me, but doesn’t actually know my name. And the photo they helpfully included (a Russian model named Polina Studilina, who I’m sure is lovely, but (a) not “Eva” or (b) a scammer) adds that additional touch of believability that makes me (not) want to throw my entire life in the dumpster in pursuit of Twue Wuv.

Now, shoo, back to the spam pit with you.