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New Code!

As part of my attempts to start a rackbuilding business I’m assembling a large pile of various jigs and other tools that let me glue a rack together without more than a minimal amount of hairpulling. Most of this doesn’t involve a computer, but I’ve had to make guesses about how to position the rack in relation to the wheel dozens of time, and about 1 in 10 of them turn out to be either too high or too low.

So, after doing a run of 5 racks and guessing the deck position for ALL of them, I finally snapped and did the math for where the silly thing needs to sit to clear the wheel under it. And made that into a tiny C program (which I need to rewrite as a tiny javascript program to put onto a web page, but right now it’s easier for me to pop open a shell window (macos is basically FreeBSD, hideous free software warts and all) and run a little program that does the math for me.

Check it out – It probably won’t melt your computer!