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It’s not conspicuous consumption at the rate I drink it

Why, yes, it *is* a single malt with an ice cube in it

Ten years or so ago, when I was still destroying my soul as a computer programmer, I ran through my previous stock of single malts (collected on several trips to Scotland; the Cadenhead’s bottlings – cask strength in particular – are really nice, but when you’re buying whisk(e)y on decade headways it’s always a horrifying shock to see how prices have gone up) I made one (last?) sweep through the local distilleries and liquor shops to stock up on various whisky|whiskey|eau de vie’s. And then my alcohol consumption dropped like a stone, so I’m still sitting on easily half of the last batch I purchased, and at the rate of a glass like this every month or so it’s becoming possible that some of this pile of booze may actually outlast me.

Maybe I’ll put in my will that all of the remaining Macallan be poured over my corpse and set afire? That’d be pretty conspicuous, particularly if it set the funeral home on fire?