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All hardware sucks

The trackpad on my macbook has decided to go insane, which means I’m now using a mouse for doing the usual navigational things I do on a mac. It’s, um, less than optimal (I theoretically can use the trackpad, but it occasionally goes into an spasm of randomly moving the pointer around the screen (or, better yet, almost working and letting me move it, but either (a) not quite enough or (b) to the right spot, at which point it will lunge off in one direction or another as soon as I try to do a button click) because I have completely lost the habit of using a mouse and the repeated motion from the keyboard to the mouse and back again is seriously messing up my left – and broken – shoulder.

The solution I may need to do is to pull the macbook apart and replace the trackpad, but you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm for doing that. Ugh. But I’m not sure just how my body will be able to put up with the repetitive motion needed to navigate in the land without trackpads :-(