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New Code!

Postoffice has been updated to version 1.5.9 with a year’s worth of debugging and tweaks to make it work more happily on OSX and versions of Linux that use systemd instead of the traditional Unix init/rc setup.

Some of this support may not be completely baked (I had to migrate my mail server from a FreeBSD 7.x machine to Linux in a hurry when my freebsd service provider went out of business) but it at least works for me™. A large caution is my support for $DENY and $WHY environment variables with tcp wrappers depended on how tcp wrappers handled running twist scripts – I was doing setenv WHY blah blah blah which put $WHY into my environment on 7.x, but when I switched to Linux the environment was given to the child process that ran setenv, so I couldn’t get that value (I fixed this by rewriting tcp wrappers to explicitly set the environment when the twist script was $NAME=value; I need to further modify my copy of tcp wrappers to use instead of the somewhat less than intuitive make arrangement it has right now, and then I'l publish it as a derivative work so I don’t have to keep looking for my modified copy.)