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New Code!

After a period of almost a year, Discount has been nudged up to version 2.2.0 with a whole huge pile of changes, which are (mainly?):

I’ve been running this weblog withl all of these tweaks, and it has survived without any mysterious datacenter-destroying explosions (though the FreeBSD vhosting service I was running on went belly-up last month and forced a switch to a linux vhost; I did have the option of another freebsd vhost, but freebsd is chasing Linux down into the cavern of tweaking things for the sake of tweaking things, and if I’m going to have to deal with the Unix equivalent of mystery meat I’ll choose one with a package management system that isn’t as horribly stupid as ports turned out to be) so there’s actually a good chance that you can update your discount libraries and not end up sobbing piteously as everything software related on your server disintegrates.