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Wiring a bike

Internal wiring

The advantage of running the wiring inside the frame is that it reduces the places where wires can trap dirt against the bicycle tubing (and where it can get snagged by blackberry bushes.) The disadvantage of running the wiring inside the frame is fishing the stupid thing through the frame – it took me about 45 minutes to successfully fish a pilot thread through the fork leg. Compared to this amount of time it’s going to be pretty easy to thread wire through the frame because both the DT and the NDS chainstay open into the BB shell, which is huge enough to be able to fit all sorts of implements of grabbing destruction into (thread a pilot in from the chainstay, thread a pilot in from the DT wiring port, tie them together and pull one of them out so there’s just one pilot, then splice it to the power wire, draw that through, then make an offering at the shrine of Frank Sprague before tying it into the power bus and tail light.)