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Not where I intended to go when I went out shopping today.

A short but painful shopping trip

Yes, the mountainhack is in the emergency room. I was halfway between two errands when a car turned abruptly right just in front of me and won me a Free!(not free) trip to the emergency room with a broken shoulder, a broken helmet, a broken pair of glasses, and every muscle on the left side of my body bruised.



Well, damn.

Here’s hoping for a quick and complete recovery.

(and that the driver’s insurance pays up.)

Graydon Thu Dec 31 07:47:06 2015

Complete dislike. Hope you mend quickly.

Michael Wolfe Thu Dec 31 10:13:39 2015

Fortunately, the driver turned out to be a decent AND insured human being and has (rightly) admitted fault throughout the process. This doesn’t make it all better, but makes it somewhat less worse.

The Spouse Sat Jan 16 23:29:05 2016

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