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Slowly creeping towards being a frame


The fork, partially brazed (I bought a new bottle of acetylene, and when I attempted to use it today the valve didn’t work – sigh, back to Airgas to see what’s going on with it – so I fired up the teeny bernzomatic to see what I could do. “What I could do” ended up being the dropouts before it ran out of oxygen) and waiting for me to get some firegas before I glue the steertube+crown+legs, canti studs, and rack mounts.

The french-style low curve on the fork legs is an artifact of using a conduit bender to rake them. ~45mm offset, which should be enough for rando work.


That looks like some nice solid jigging!

Hope the answer with the acetylne’s inexpensive and un-alarming.

Graydon Fri Sep 25 13:13:22 2015

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