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Oh, look what I found; another junk(?) frame

Another mountaintrack?

I went down to Brooklyn Pharmacy to pick up a prescription this afternoon, and when I got there I found this MountainTrack frame sitting in the free pile out front. Including the cranks (with horrible cheap stamped steel Altus chainrings bolted to the cranks), a bottom bracket that was rusted in place (I could not turn the DS cup until I unthreaded the NDS cup and extracted the solid block of rust that used to be the cassette) and an Altus pusher/dangler set. It was (poorly) rattlecanned, but other than that (and the aforementioned rust) I can’t see anything wrong with it.

The mountainhack is teetering on the edge of being too small (though the saddle-bar distance as currently configured is approximately the same as the midlifecrisismobile), but this one is size waytoobig. Maybe I should strip & paint it, then build it up as a 650b MTB and flip it?