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Dust speck, boiling of

Strip tease

I’m stripping the paint off the GT so I can braze a bunch of stuff on without making the machine more of a collection of paint patches.

Do not worry, I had another set of Gary TURNER decals lying around just for this eventuality.


That looks like so much work!

Graydon Thu Jun 4 04:15:41 2015

It was more work than stripping the front triangle on the mountainhack, but not much more; maybe half an hour of applying the paint stripper (& then going over the frame with steel wool to scrape off the easy-to-remove paint), then a hour of mechanically stripping paint with a paint stripping wheel in an electric drill, followed by polishing off stubborn bits with sandpaper.

I’m trying to talk myself out of melting out the rear dropouts and putting trackends on the thing :-)

David Parsons Thu Jun 4 10:55:02 2015

Trackends hardly seem like a bad idea when the alread off.

Graydon Fri Jun 5 16:40:37 2015

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