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The grocery shopping test

Stress-testing the rear triangle by hauling home 70 pounds of soymilk & other groceries

With enough cargo, a BOB Yak is an excellent test of the brazes on the rear triangle of a frame, because it becomes rather enthusiastic about trying to flip the bicycle onto its side. Getting back from Trader Joe’s with 70 pounds of groceries and an intact bicycle certainly counts as a successful load test.


Is the “flip the bicycle on to its side” a cornering property?

Trailers sound like such a good idea but getting flipped doesn’t!

Graydon Mon Jun 1 18:16:51 2015

Not cornering, but accelerating from stops and any other case where I’m actively balancing on the machine. The load on the trailer is dead, so if the bike+trailer tip over to one side it will just pull down. It’s much the same on my xtracycle, but the baggage compartment is a lot closer and is fastened directly to the frame so it ends up just adding shimmy.

David Parsons Tue Jun 2 12:09:54 2015

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