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Idle hands

Finished rear triangle

The bent-roughly-back-into-shape chainstays on the mountainhack were not quite bent back enough to clear the (used) Sugino Ox801d crankset that I put onto it when I wanted to go to a 28/48 wide range double, so after a few populaires where the DS crank went *whiist* *whisst* *whisst* every time I acclerated or climbed a steep ramp I finally snapped, cut them out, and replaced them with uncurved stays. Not as much clearance as the MTB stays (maybe 40mm at the widest) but this is an all Confreries joint and I’ll never put anything wider than a Pari-Moto (36mm) under the thing.

So now to strip all the paint off the thing, paint it again (fluorescent pink/green fade) and start taking it for short loops in the city to see if I can snap the chainstays loose.