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Apple Quality?

Two mac batteries

Modern Macbook batteries apparently explode when they’re put into storage for more than a week. I can almost comprehend that with a Macbook Pro (battery on the right, which managed to separate the keyboard from the case when it ruptured) because that battery is removable, but not with a Macbook Air (battery on the left, which tore the bottom panel off my Macbook Air when it asploded.)

Fortunately Apple Computers are lying liars when it comes to the non-removability of first-gen Macbook Air batteries; once I finished unscrewing the dead battery the Air started up without (much) fuss muss or bother. Not very USEFULLY started up; but it it’s at least useful enough to be converted into a minecraft server (this one also had the pepsi syndrome and has about 20% of the keyboard nonfunctional, so it’s not particularly useful in the laptop department) but it’s better than the Macbook Pro, which won’t boot up at all anymore.

I don’t think I will be buying any of the new “EVERYTHING GLUED INTO THE CASE™” Macbooks.