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World’s flimsiest disc brake mount?

Finally an excuse to use my pile of rainbow brake cable housing

The GT’s rear brake mount is just two posts brazed onto the NDS seatstay and dropout. When I was tweaking the rear brake today (brazing a cable stop onto the seatstay) I grabbed a fistful of cable and drew it taut so I could realign the brake and saw it shimmy back and forth. Ah well, I was planning on cutting a couple of pieces of webbing out of sheetstock so I could tie both mounts together for paranoia’s sake, so it’s not as if that’s going to be any work I wasn’t already planning on doing.


Maybe a gusset between the seatstay and the chainstay might be a good idea, too?

Michael Fri May 15 09:49:41 2015

Possibly! I’m not sure if it would be necessary, given the length of the rear triangle (if I lock the brakes the rear wheel just slides) but it’s pretty trivial to glue in a piece of 5/16ths tubing while I’ve got the torch out.

David Parsons Fri May 15 10:11:30 2015

Yeah, that’s a big lever. What do you think - 4 to 1? 5 to 1, maybe? I think some Surly’s basically have a tube that connects to the chainstay from the top stud of the brake mount.

Michael Sat May 16 06:23:43 2015

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