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A dead furnace, and its consequences

Bucketloads of firewood

Our furnace has joined the choir invisible, and NW Oregon is getting swatted with a winter storm (in November! In almost-coastal Oregon!) tonight and tomorrow. We can’t get a service for the furnace until Friday, and if the forecast of snow+sleet+freezing rain is true, the roads will be in no condition for me to carry firewood tomorrow or friday. So, instead of making a couple of pallet runs I instead went to the local store and picked up a few bundles of firewood. Heavy bundles of firewood, but at least they’re low-hanging heavy bundles which kept the xtracycle shimmy down to a dull roar. Hopefully they’ll be enough to keep the house not-cold until the furnace clanks back to life.


That really looks like it’s beating the pallets for awkward.

May staying warm prove uncomplicated!

Graydon Wed Nov 12 19:33:56 2014

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