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Ow ow ow ow ow

I [heart]ed my bike

Not riding my bicycle any reasonable distance for a month has done horrible things to my endurance. I took the born-again Trek out on a 100k today and it took me 5 f*cking hours to finish the thing, when I should be creeping down towards brevet minimums.


If it’s any consolation, 53 km yesterday produced a whole lot of ow.

Graydon Mon May 12 14:11:40 2014

There’s no ride too short and there’s no time too long. Enjoy your legs!

Maria #7337 Mon May 12 16:05:56 2014

There’s no ride too short for the purposes of riding, but riding long distances is the only thing I’ve found that makes good practice for riding long distances :-)

David Parsons Mon May 12 17:07:13 2014

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