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Finished, after a considerable amount of time, one

ipad+camera bag and bagman clone, #1

The midlifecrisismobile models a mini-saddlebag and bagman clone rack that I made up for a customer out east. This one took a long time to finish, mainly because my production of bags has gotten really really slow. And even then the bag isn’t quite square :-(

But if you don’t look at it with my critical eye, it doesn’t look all that bad. It sits a bit low on the bagman clone rack, but that gives room to strap a spare tire/tube (depending on whether you’re stupid and run tubulars or not) and pump without cluttering up the bag.

The next handlebar bag I make for the midlifecrisismobile will be a throwback to my earliest bags; I’m not going to do the externally taped seams on it, but will put them on the inside instead and only tape the lid and rim of the bag. I’ll probably do the bag in black, too, if I can find a nice weatherproof black fabric that is not a historical reenactment material. (possibly xpac, but my rando companion cube is xpac and even at a tiny 7×7×7 it’s still a pretty floppy bag, so if I used that fabric on a 9×8×10 bag I’d have to put in a stout enough lining to keep it from flopping into itself, and that would end up defeating the weight advantage.)