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New fender day!

New Fender Stay Day

Well, kinda new fender day; the fenders themselves are the same old pink Planet Bike Cascadias, but all of the flexy wire+strap iron have been replaced by stays fabricated from ⅛“ tubing (the front stays mount in different places, but the two rear stays are brazed together and attached to one mountpoint.) Coordinated color, too – the front stays are black like the fork & rack, and the rear stays are the rattlecan red ("claret”) that very closely matches the vendor paint on the frame.

Still no acorn nuts, but I mail-ordered a handful of them, and when they get here off will go the nylocks and on will go the more polished acorn nuts. And I need to get a handful of pink reflective stars to plaster all over the the rear fender where it says “PLANET BIKE”, but neither of those faults will stop me from riding it.