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Missed that bullet…

Yesterday, while I was going through the festival of flat tires I didn’t try to patch any of the tubes, mainly because I couldn’t find the punctures in the rain and wind. But this morning I went forth to repair the tubes, and discovered, to my intense dismay, that every tube of so-called vulcanising fluid I had had dried up, including the tube that was in the MLCM’s tool roll.

Man, that would have bitten the wax tadpole if I’d run out of extra tubes halfway between Ripplebrook and Estacada – a 12 mile walk carrying 35 pounds of bicycle would have made me a very grumpy camper indeed.

So off to the hardware store to get a tube of contact cement (for at home repairs where waiting 15 minutes for the glue to set is acceptable) and a tube of rubber cement (which I guess I’ll reload into smaller containers) for patches out on the road. And 10 more patchkits from e*bay, just so I can have a pile of them in the basement again.