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Wet pet get

Sodden MLCM

The weather forecast today was 70% chance of showers, and I thought, for the first 88k of this run at the Estacada 100, that I would be lucky rolling the dice. Alas, when I reached Oregon City and was only 35 minutes away from home, it started to rain, and then it rained as if it was making up for lost time and managed to soak me and the bicycle to the skin in that last 16k home.

The handlebat tape, which is not something that you would expect to get sodden, is (and still is 5 hours after the return.) I suppose I can thank the fenders for only getting soaked instead of getting soaked plus getting covered with road grime, horse poop, and mud from the 2 miles of unimproved road between Milo McIver park and Estacada.


Your tetanus shots up to date?

Keeping the road apple slurry off doesn’t mean the risk is zero, alas.

Graydon Wed Sep 25 03:47:52 2013

I got a tetanus shot last year after I ripped my right fingernails off, so I’m probably up to date on that particular disease. The mlcm, on the other hand, has not had any shots, but since it doesn’t have any muscles it’s probably not at risk.

David Parsons Wed Sep 25 07:58:15 2013

Sorry to hear about the fingernails!

Enough road apple slurry, permitted to dry, will certainly seize up a bicycle, but it’s difficult to imagine riding one into that condition.

Graydon Wed Sep 25 16:02:35 2013

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