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Slime seems to work

I’ve been thinking about trying tubeless tires on the midlifecrisismobile, but wanted to see if having sealant in the tire would make it ride funny before taking the plunge. So I went out and bought a Slime tube and shoved it into my rear wheel (that’s the wheel that picks up the most debris, and the wheel where I most notice when it’s out of balance.

1500 miles later I realized that the DS rim was getting dangerously worn and pulled the wheel in favor of my Del Norte+White wheelset. The old wheelset went into the basement, and was tucked against the wall until I figured out what to do with it.

Today I was in the basement bending and filing tubes for another rack and I noticed there was a wet spot at the top of the Slimed tire – when I investigated, I also noticed that (a) the tire was flat, and (b) that there was a big cut in the tire in the middle of the wet spot.

I wonder how long it was there?