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New rack day

The midlifecrisismobile is back on line (1)

I finally dragged the mlcm out to the garage this afternoon for a quick brazing session, and it came back with the new rack glued to the rack struts and fork crown support.

The midlifecrisismobile is back on line now, yay, and I can rotate the project bike into the back room for a while while I see how the new rack and low-trail fork work out in city riding and on brevets.

(There’s still a small punchlist to be done before it’s actually finished; I need to

before I can take it out on anything longer than a fast populaire. But that’s a much smaller checklist than the one that also includes making a rack.)


That looks pretty darn solid.

Graydon Fri Feb 1 18:42:00 2013

Something’s missing-what is it? I might remember if I look at the day!

Metta Fri Feb 1 20:15:25 2013

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