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Final milage total for 2012

between 12,500 and 12,600. I’ve been trying to record my GPS logs on Garmin Connect, but the GPS suffers from a short battery life and general flakiness, so it’s been losing parts of long rides all year and occasionally having a brain freeze and dropping chunks of rides when it’s cold and/or rainy. I’ve tried to synthesize the loops that the GPS didn’t record, but have had only indifferent success, and there’s a minimum of 105 & maximum of about 220 miles not recorded. Garmin Connect has 12,417 recorded, so it’s between 12,522 and 12,637 miles for the year (a little over 3000 miles further than 2011.)

12232 RUSA km, plus another 2000 km of checkrides and dnfs (dnfed VvsF when I shattered my shoulder at 197 km into the ride; dnfed the summer 600 at Summit, so only got 210 km from home to Albany; dnfed a run up to Sandy when I ran out of time at the intersection of Kelso and Bluff roads, dnfed the summer 300 in Scappoose after Ed and I lingered over coffee and put me about 90 minutes later than control closing time) which isn’t bad and means that if I’m a little more enthusiastic about riding in winter, later autumn, and early spring I should be able to make 20 RUSA Mm and 30 total Mm for next year.