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Rando frame shopping list

Peavine summit MLCM

The mlcm is pretty well suited for randonneuring, but there are a few things I’d like to change/add for a less chaotic bicycle.

In my perfect fantasy world I’d also like to get a pair of forks, one high-trail (like the one that’s on the mlcm today) and one that’s low-trail, so I can swap them in and out and compare the ride characteristics of the two.

Alas, this will cost me money and time (I’d need to buy a torch and spend a few weeks killing practice lugs, then spend a few months mangling a tubeset to shape, then brazing it all together; Torches are kind of expensive, as is steel tubing, though the latter is cheaper if I scrounge junk frames and cut them apart for the tubing) and I don’t know how I’d even fit this in given that I’m currently unable to do more than one project at a time.

Maybe next summer when I’ve got a functional right shoulder again.


Well, I guess it’s still too early. I read the headline as “Rando frame shoplifting.”

Lynn Dobbs Tue Oct 16 07:45:49 2012

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