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Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant


This is the route of Kevin Brightbill’s Grawp permanent, which was just approved by RUSA yesterday. My plan is to load up the mlcm for long-distance riding either today or tonight, then meet up with Kevin tomorrow sometime between 12 and 1, then go out for a nice afternoon (fsvo “afternoon” that includes Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night) ride around NW Oregon (changed plans) sometime next week and go out next friday afternoon after I’ve passed the bears off to my parents for the weekend.

Yup, it's brevet season again

We were going to do it tomorrow, but as the week went on the weather forecast got more and more certain that it was going to dump down rain all weekend, while clearing up and getting really cold next weekend, so we decided that freezing our appendages off was a safer bet than getting soaked. I’m not sure how my feet will feel about this (I only have one pair of shoes that are cleatable, and they’re more summer shoes than cold weather shoes. I do have a pair of toe covers somewhere, so I guess I’ll need to go and find them) but there’s only one way to find out. This weekend, when it’s raining, we’ll just do something sedate like one of my alpine 300s, where at least if we get soaked to the skin we’ll get soaked to the skin within 90 miles of Portland.

If I finish this one without dying, it will put me at ~9900 miles and ~9400 RUSA km for the year (100 miles in 75 days? Oh, I think I can do that. Ditto for 600km – Ripplebrook and Silver Falls are not that far away, and if the mountain passes haven’t snowed in there might be enough time for a 300 or 400 as well. But I will first ensure that I don’t die this weekend.)


I’ll look forward to reading about it, whichever weekend you do. Good luck! Looks like a great route.

Oliver Smith Thu Oct 11 13:56:46 2012

Not dying is an excellent plan!

Graydon Thu Oct 11 14:16:48 2012

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