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Fender time

New fenders, same old bike

I may not be going bike camping tomorrow, but I will be getting some miles in by riding a 200 (and maybe a 100 early Sunday morning if I get back from the 200 in good time) and this means that I need to put fenders back on the mlcm unless I wish to enjoy the fall rains far more intimately than I ever wanted to.

So it’s fender time. I took off the 45mm fenders because they were too wide for the fork, and then put 40mm fenders (using a cut-down daruma and a handmade wedge washer to help keep the fender aligned) on instead. They’re too wide, too, but not as too wide as the 45mm fenders, and, until the day when I get out my torch and braze canti studs onto the fork (along with the braze-ons for the rack and a couple of ports for internal wire routing) they’ll just have to do.

As you can probably guess, I dgaf that the fenders look kind of ugly. They’ll keep some of the wet off me when I’m riding, and that’s worth more than the looks of the things.