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The 70-mile review of Resist Nomad 28mm tires

Holy god those tires are fast. And smooth-riding. And grippy on gravel (I rode Kevin Brightbill’s Cuthbert Binns populaire on Sunday, riding on Rivendell Ruffy Tuffy tires, and had to struggle to keep up with him on the gravel section of the ride. Today we rode it again with the Nomads on the MLCM and I was able to keep up, and even get ahead of him, with no trouble at all.)

And they’re $22/tire.

They’re wire-beaded, so they’re heavier than folding-bead tires, but I find that they’re easy to get onto and off Mavic Open Sport rims (I installed them in no time last night, then ate a nail or something on highway 30 this morning and had to pop the tire to change the tube, and then pop the tire again a mile down the road when one of the patches on the replacement tube decided to let go) and once you get about 60psi into them they ride like a dream.

The wider Nomads run narrow (the 45s I’d put on the project bike measured 43mm; the 35s I replaced them with (because of daruma bolt clearance, not because of any defect in the tire) also measured 2mm narrower than advertised) but the 28s, when inflated to ~100psi, measure 29.5mm wide.

I’m going to have to buy a handful of them before Resist either disappears or discontinues the tires (I am thinking, not particularly fondly, of Nashbar discontinuing the 26mm Duro tire before I ordered a dozen or so of them.)