This Space for Rent

Oh, right

In the category of “lets do things at the absolute last minute” I think I’ve got a new winner.

Tomorrow morning, at ~4:20am, I need to get on my bicycle and ride over to Woodstock Park so I can pay $10, pick up a brevet card and cuesheet, then ride a 600km loop before staggering back home from Woodstock Park on Sunday evening (afternoon if I’m really fast and don’t founder on the steep southside ramp of NFD 46).)

So when did I start getting ready for this ride?

Last week (since I had to go down to California from Sunday to Wednesday)…? no.

Wednesday afternoon after returning from the railroad station…? Nope.

Thursday evening, perhaps…? Um, no.

How about Friday afternoon. It’s 2:30, so I’ve got ~5 hours before I have to go to sleep so I can get in the ballpark of 8 hours of sleep before I stagger out the door. I’ll start getting ready now!

Oy. This is flakey even for me. Time to make a map showing all the coffeeshops along the route.