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It’s that time of year again

Permanent 1616 -- Hot Springs - Covered Bridges -- 408km

The days are starting to get shorter, and soon they will be short enough so that anything except a flat 200 will start and/or end in the dark. I didn’t think I would be able to checkride my new 400k this year, but when I was casting around to my friends to ride a 300 this week my friend Kevin said that Saturday would actually be an excellent day to check out my 400.

Can’t argue with that. 400k is a bit long to travel by myself (I’ve done it, but it was, um, unpleasant,) but the miles go by faster when I’m riding with other people. So I guess this Saturday will be my 3rd 400 for the year, and I’ll have to ride my new 300 sometime next week.

This will certainly get me ready for the summer 600, despite being on a forced rest week just before that loop (I need to go to That Paradise That Is California™) for programming related activities, and I don’t think the rest of the autonomous collective would appreciate my bringing down the mlcm and running off to gallop up and down the mountains that separate Santa Cruz from the rest of the Bay Area instead of doing those programming related activities that I went down to do) just before the 600 is supposed to happen (maybe I’ll need to, ugh, fly the gropeworld express back and forth instead of taking the train.)

But in any case that’s a couple of weeks away and Saturday is only 2 days away, with nothing inbetween but a couple of days of iPod app writing, a gravel populaire and maybe a run up to Joe’s Donuts.