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New saddle day

A new saddle for an old bicycle

I was going to leave at 9am to checkride my Portland/Pacific City populaire, but when I opened the mailbox at 8:55 what should I find but the new saddle I ordered last week after I realized that my Brooks Pro had sagged to the point where it would require major work to make it ridable again. So instead of leaving at 9am, I’m going to leave closer to 10am, but I’ll also be testing out this nice new Berthoud saddle (I don’t remember the name of it, but it’s the 157mm width one) and when I get back from Pacific City I can yank the Swift off my trek and replace it with the black Pro that I pulled for the summer 400k.

(There were some problems with the 400k, but the only mechanical problem I had was that the black Pro has sagged to the point where it’s starting to be uncomfortable to ride on the cantleplate. I can fix that, even if it means I have to sell my body on the streets to pay for it.)