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One of these toeclips is not like the other.  Drat.

I always use my right foot for balance when I stop, so the right toeclip is the one that always runs the risk of getting scraped along the pavement when I start. It had gotten quite bent over the last week or so, so I tried to gently bend it back into shape only to discover that a stress fracture had gone almost all the way through the metal around the rivet when I did that.

At least I’ve got a pair of el-cheapo black plastic toeclips to swap in (for that elegant matchy-matchy look.)


I’m surprised you haven’t graduated to SPD pedals by now. Or are they too fiddly for you?

Paul Tomblin Thu Nov 17 03:19:06 2011

It’s simpler than that: Clipless requires special shoes, but I can use regular shoes with toeclips.

David Parsons Thu Nov 17 10:39:21 2011

I have the mountain bike type SPD shoes, where the cleat is reset so you can still walk in them.

Paul Tomblin Thu Nov 17 17:43:04 2011

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