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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite & sensor-exploding red rando bag

Dust Mite rests on top of the camera-warpingly metallic red porteur-randonneur bag (custom made for the mlcm – note the asymmetric rear pockets to fit around the brake cable) I spent this afternoon sewing together (It’s still not finished; I need to go down to the Mill End Store and get a sidelock latch for the main compartment, and then after sewing that on I need to add a mapcase and apply tape to the seams. But it’s not bad for 4-5 hours of work, instead of 15-30 hours of work!)


What’s the fabric? That’s not a Cordura Colour™ (at least not that I’ve ever seen).

It’s certainly remarkably vivid; the last time I saw that colour it involved nigh-molten copper.

Graydon Sat Nov 5 07:19:37 2011

I think it’s packcloth (or at least a packclothy fabric) instead of cordura. I don’t think you can get metallic colo(u)rs in cordura.

David Parsons Sun Nov 6 00:27:40 2011

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