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Precision repairs


The (offically non-servicable) battery on my Garmin 205 had aged to the point where it wouldn’t even last through a leisurely R200, so I popped the case open and replaced it with a new (cell-phone) battery, then glued the thing back together with rubber cement and a few dabs of superglue.

Alas, the rubber cement had dried up a bit in the bottle, so it had even less sticking power than rubber cement normally has on slick plastic, so when I accidentally dropped the gps the case popped open, rendering it useless unless I found a better way of keeping it closed. So I resorted to the traditional bicyclist’s friend and ziptied the stupid thing together until I could go out and get some new rubber cement.

I’ll still ziptie it after the new rubber cement cures, of course (I’m not going to superglue it this time, because the battery will eventually run down and need to be replaced again,) but I’ll probably use a somewhat smaller ziptie instead of one of the few GIANT PURPLE TIES I’ve got.