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Back three-quarters view

The latest big rando bag is a repair job on the first big rando bag I made for someone else; that one had a few misfeatures (didn’t hem the pockets, so they ripped out, and I stitched the carcass together with the webbing, which ended up ripping apart under load) so I eventually pried the bag out of Ed’s hands, ripped almost all of the seams out (leaving only the front pocket(s) sewn,) then sewed it back together in a more durable way.

Some of the enhancements I made this time around were

It’s a little bit smaller than it used to be, because I squoze the dimensions to leave ½ inch of fabric on the outside of the box seams (taped over, but this time I sewed the tape in as a separate step!)

There are a few pictures of the finished product, too. Cross fingers that it will not need service until it’s gotten so old that the fabric is disintegrating!