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Unofficial results from the Bridge of the Gods 200k

You can already see what the return times were by looking at timestamps on my photos, but here they are in a less scavenger-hunty style:

RUSA No. Last Name First Name Finished in
BIER Jerry 12h37
691 BINGLE Michael 8h09
1992 CARR Norman 11h50
6814 CHASTAIN Asta 8h09
COPPA Jim 10h26
6805 EASTMAN James 10h53
3821 F********* Lynne 11h03
5099 GITCHELL Stephen 10h26
6665 GOOD Ryan 12h01
HOGAN Dennis 11h52
KANGAS John 12h01
6726 KASPER Steven 8h09
6666 LEE Rodney 12h37
LEVY Vincent 10h53
2917 OLSON Greg 9h21
WILSON James 10h26
5475 YOUNG Michal 11h03

Theo, Ed, and I finished the preride in 12h27, btw; and one of the things we stopped for was to find info questions for the Stabler (no longer a) Market info control. However, in the two weeks since we did the preride, two of those info questions were removed (we had questions about the gas pump that was out in front of the market; the last price on the pump was $2.29/gal for unleaded, so the pump had been there for a long time. Not anymore; when Ed got out there for the secret control, the gas pump had been removed and had been made much less useful as an info control!)

It was a sparkly clear day (except for the smoke from the forest fires that reportedly made the return trip more scenic and spooky at times) and I would much rather have been out on the line than sitting in Wilshire Park signing people in, but if you’re going to have Portland-based brevets someone is going to have to organize them, and who better to do that than the people who reeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyy want to have them here?


Looks like the spread is between 4.40 through 6.82 m/s; slow is 65% of fast.

It also leaves me a bit shocked in that I can do 100 km in the middle of that range, so doing a 200 km ride is probably not as implausibly distant from my present fitness level as I had thought.

Graydon Mon Sep 5 14:52:49 2011


Lynne Sun Sep 11 10:11:30 2011

You always hide your last name when you do your postings about rides, so I followed your lead when posting the results here :-)

David Parsons Sun Sep 11 10:40:54 2011

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