This Space for Rent

I think that someone got their mailing lists confused

A while ago, I did some consulting through a mid-sized bodyshop that had arranged an exclusive labo(u)r contract with the company that actually wanted to hire me. It was fine; the body shop took their $20/hour off the top, made me jump through a couple of stupid hoops to do their three(!) separate timecards, forwarded my paychecks to me, and otherwise kept out of the way. And when my contract ended, that was the last I heard of them for quite some time (except for a few weeks of fielding “Ohmygodyoudidn’t'submityourthreetimesheetswecan’tgetourrentpayyou!” messages every friday.)

So I was interested to see some mail from them show up in my spam directory just yesterday. Perhaps it was an offer for another round of rent taking? But no, it was merely a case of what happens when you feed the wrong mailing list into your email marketing software:

Dear {me},

Tell us what you think of your recent experience with {bodyshop} and be entered into a drawing for a ${money} Gift Certificate to {e-commerce site}.

Please click the following link now to begin the survey: https://{survey.url} (Please note: If you have difficulty loading the survey, you may also copy the entire link and paste it into the URL address of your web browser)

Thank you for being a valued {bodyshop} customer. We are contacting you to learn about your recent experience with our firm. We value your feedback and hope you will take the time to complete this short, three-question survey. Upon completion, your name will be entered into the drawing. This survey and contest close on {date}.

By sharing your thoughts on our performance, you are directly impacting the quality of the service we are able to provide you.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.