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New Code!

Discount is now sitting at version 2.0.7 now that I’ve finished up documenting and writing additional code for php markdown extra-style footnotes support.

The documentation isn’t that much – I merely mention it’s supported and how to enable it, then point at the php markdown extra webpages for details on how it’s done – but the additional code adds a function that allows the user to customise the format of the html tags that the footnote code uses for jumping up and down through the text; mkd_ref_prefix(MMIOT,{foo}) tells discount to change footnote output to:

<p>here is a <sup id="{foo}ref:1"><a href="#{foo}:1" rel="footnote">1</a></sup></p>
<div class="footnotes">
<li id="{foo}:1">
<p>a footnote<a href="#{foo}ref:1" rev="footnote">&#8617;</a></p></li>

This means that if you’re using discount for a weblog and have it generate the html for each article separately, you can footnote them all and have the links on the page still make sense.

I’m going to need to tweak annotations (among the many other tweaks I have to put into it) to support this, but in the meantime it’s still New Code! that you can grab and put to the test yourself.