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The CBC fails to get the oncoming train into focus

The weather forcast said that today would be a nice sunny day, so I jumped at the chance to go and ride the UGB 200.bis before the next batch of rain moves in, but I (a) didn’t get out the door until 8:20am (I was planning on a 7am departure. Ha ha) and (b) was sufficiently crushed by the climb up to Upper Highland road so that I didn’t get down to Canby until about 11:45, which meant that (unlike many of the other times I went through town and heard the whistle blow when I was about a mile away) I could turn around and proceed back two blocks to wait for the train to arrive.

Freight trains move at a pretty good clip through Canby, and this P&W train was no exception. Unfortunately that meant that the CBC couldn’t actually focus on the train, but instead did the camera equivalent of plopping down on the middle of the rug and cleaning its butt.

And did I mention that the CBC doesn’t have a viewfinder, but only has a nice reflective LCD screen, so you can’t even see what you’re trying to take pictures of while it’s exploding its tiny little brain in front of you.