This Space for Rent

Tidying up the place, software-style

After finding INST0063 and INST0065 yesterday, I discovered that some other code had mysteriously vanished during the move (automod, which was also sitting off an ftp directory.) I knew where the backup for that code was, so I dug out the tapes and, while pulling the offending modules off, discovered that there was a full set of mastodon backups also sitting on that tape.


So now I’ve got all of the recent bits of Mastodon Linux back, and the disk images for INST0063, 0064, 0065, and 0066 are now sitting on the mastodon website (The net-downloadable parts of 0066 and 0067 are still just sitting on the backup tape, because they’d pretty much eat up all the remaining disk on the server and I don’t want to spend the additional US$6/month to go to a bigger disk plan.) And this meant I needed to update the website to look more like my other software package pages, which I did.

Now I suppose I should get back to thinking about what’s going to go into INST0068.