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New Code!

I lost all of the Mastodon disk images and tarballs sometime last year when I was in the throes of moving from a co-lo to a virtual server, and thought that they were gone for good, but just today when I was digging through a pile of CDs on my bedside table I found copies of two fairly modern releases (INST0063 & INST0065) sitting there as if they were contented polycarbonate clams.

So I brought them downstairs, copied them onto my macbook (yayy for Unix, even if it is FreeBSD with a severe case of Linux envy,) and then started an rsync to get them over to my website, where they will hopefully stay.

And if that doesn’t count as New Code!, well, what does?


I happen to have a copy of your 066 version on my hard drive. I must have downloaded it before the crash…

The file dates from : 2010-05-15 mastodon-INST0066.tar.gz : 283.6 KiByte

If you want it, I could send it somewhere…

Jens Fri Jan 21 09:05:33 2011

If it’s 384kb, then it’s most likely the INST0066 toolset, not the entire distribution (and that’s still around.) But thank you anyway – it’s interesting looking at the distribution, even if I need to stick with a.out so I can keep running some of the 17 year old binaries on Pell :-)

David Parsons Fri Jan 21 20:39:43 2011

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