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Gone shopping

The Trek at Trader Joe's

The Trek – now sporting an el-cheapo Mavic/Shimano dynohub front wheel that replaced the old one (which was moved over to the mlcm until I either (a) build up a Schmidt dynohubbed wheel or (b) get spare parts to rebuild the pitted cone on the existing dynohub wheel) – sits in the Trader Joe’s parking lot packed to the gills with toilet paper, paper towels, and breakfast cereal.


Couldn’t tell you why I really like the light in that one, but I really like the light in that one.

Graydon Sat Nov 27 17:25:05 2010

The sun was at the edge of a line of clouds, so there was possibly a little haze filtering the sun at that time?

David Parsons Sat Nov 27 19:26:27 2010

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