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Trolley picture of the day

Early Morning Trolley

A train of a Bombardier “Type 1” and a SD600 approach the 2nd & Yamhill station at 6:20am this morning. A band of rain had come through at about 4am, so I decided that it would be better to ride downtown, take a trolley to Hillsboro, and then ride out to Forest Grove from there instead of riding directly out and possibly getting rained on for 24.5 miles.

It didn’t rain on the way out, but it was still a wise choice because I discovered (while in the middle of setting up for the ride) that the stem on the mlcm had cracked, and that meant that I had to do the rest of my days riding at a very cautious pace (I was riding sweep for the verboort sausage populaire so my trip average had to stay around 10-11mph so I wouldn’t overrun slow riders. This would normally be kind of difficult, but it’s amazing how easy it is to ride slowly when you’re trying to avoid losing your handlebars and crashing. (I’d already done that once this week; I capsized the mlcm when my front wheel slipped on wet leaves, and managed to pull several muscles and/or tendons on the insides of my thighs. These aren’t muscles and/or tendons that get in the way of bicycle riding, but it’s been making my walking around a somewhat slower and limpier process.) And since I was riding sweep, it would have been really embarrassing to crash my bicycle and have to walk it into civilization.)